Credentials alone do not separate us from our competitors. We believe experience to be the best credential, and, having collected thousands of mold samples for laboratory analysis, we know that each day's challenges compel us to adapt--to improve-- making us better inspectors.

  • CPMS, Certified Property Mold Specialist
  • CEI, Certified Environmental Inspector
  • CES, Certified Environmental Specialist
  • CTS, Certified Testing Specialist
  • CMI, Certified Mold Inspector
  • CMS, Certified Mold Specialist
  • CEC, Certified Environmental Consultant
  • CIH, Certified Industrial Hygienist (available, if your project requires it)
Additional Certifications:
  • Mold Testing
  • Mold Remediation
  • Mold Maintenance

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Environmental Assessment Association
Environmental Assessment Association
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BBB Accredited Business
Los Angeles area Better Business Bureau
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Indoor Air Quality Association, Inc.
Air Quality Association, Inc.
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Also a Member of Certified Mold Inspectors & Contractors Institute