Real Time Screening

Real Time Instrumentation

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We use portable electronic instruments which can measure low levels of various toxic gases--immediately on site, in real time. The sensitivity of our instrumentation allows us to measure in "parts per billion" (ppb) in minutes; and we can test for gases such as benzene and formaldehyde. Each instrument is calibrated to test for only one or two target chemicals.

Our trained inspectors can sample several rooms of a house, allowing an intensive search for the most impacted area, a search which would not be possible with other sampling methods. Our devices' speed and portability allow us to test several locations in a home within an hour, at a cost of a few hundred dollars. This "screening" approach enables testing as frequently as necessary to locate contamination.

The traditional alternative approach using a Summa canister takes hours to perform, days to get results, and costs hundreds of dollars for each reading. And only one location can be done per house without prohibitive cost. The Summa canister test identifies hundreds of compounds in a shotgun approach.

Due to being more precise, and more legally accepted, Summa canister tests can be performed, if necessary, subsequent to screening with our real time instruments. Such Real time screening provides target locations to test with the canister promoting an efficient use of resources; additionally, real time screening reduces the need of testing of unafflicted homes with the more expensive methodology.